Past, present and future of GxTend.

Back in 2002 while working as part of a large team that was responsible for the conversion of a significant size ERP software from a GeneXus 7.5 (Visual Fox-Pro) based to a GeneXus 9 (Java Web) I got first hand with the many challenges of a task that involves many people working around the same set of source code.

Those were the early days of GeneXus KBs conversions and applications being evolved from Win-Stateful to Web-Stateless applications, at that point GeneXus patterns were in its early stages, and there were not as many tools and companies/professionals providing migration services as one might find today.

Despite the fact that the paradigm change from a Win-Stateful to a Web-Stateless application was a significant one my employer at that time saw that project as an opportunity to also introduce functional changes to the software. It was the perfect storm.

It was during the course of that project that I programmed a rudimentary application that took care of frequently connect to each developer's KB and issue email alerts when an object was modified by more than one person. I like to think of that application as a very remote ancestor of today's GxTend.

It was at that time that I started to get actively involved in the making of an application that would bring to the GeneXus world a solution to the various issues that are common to any development project either it is carried out using GeneXus or not, issues such us concurrency control, versioning and the maintenance of several working environments.

On 2005 the first commercial version of GxTend saw the light, it was born toghether with our commitment to maintain GxTend evolving so it could successfully accompany GeneXus evolution over time. It is now 2024 and I am glad that I can say we were able to keep that promise.

GxTend has been around since GeneXus version 7.5 was quite popular and widely used for major projects, we successfully overcome the "crisis" (or should I say opportunity ?) that the major GeneXus' change brought with its X version to our doorstep, and we are currently in the process of not only maintain our support for the newest GeneXus version but to also add important functionality to improve our client's operational processes.


We hope that you will see in GxTend a valid alternative to tackle the normal operational issues that presents to any software development process and also a product that has been able to keep faithful to its promise to evolve side by side with GeneXus.

We look forward to hear from you !

GxTend Team