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1. What is GxTend?

GxTend is a full-web SCM tool (Software Configuration Management) for GeneXus projects.

2. What is the installation effort?

Minimum. GxTend is installed using a windows setup package that provides all necessary back-end software and from there the user will be able to run a script that will download and install the rest of the software from the Internet.
It only take less than 5 minutes to have GxTend installed.

3. What is the effort to maintain a GxTend installation?

We like to think that this is minimum as well, although there will be a unique final word on it that each client will have.
We've put significant effort to base GxTend on well-known reliable back-end software that provides stability and low or no maintenance efforts needed.
We've also taken care of provide a one-click process that allows for the same GxTend to be updated to the latest available build, which allow us to push bug-fixes to clients in no time.

4. Do I have to install any back-end software?

We provide all that is needed, you will have at your disposal one setup package that will install all necessary back-end software GxTend needs.

5. Can I install/use my own personalized back-end software?

You may, though we recommend against such option as using the set of back-end software we provide ensures that you are running the product under a set of software/versions that we have tested GxTend with, which not only ensures stability but also allow our support services to be more effective.

6. Do I need to buy/license any other software?

No. GxTend is based on open source software, so there are no additional license costs.

7. Will GxTend's back-end software conflict with my currently installed versions?

No. We've set GxTend's back-end software setup to provide a clean installation that not only will confine all files under one same directory but we've also set it to, by default, use IP ports that will not be the same that other currently installed applications might be using.

8. Can I install GxTend myself?

Yes, it's really easy, we provide everything that's necessary and it should only take a few minutes.
This is a constant preoccupation for us and work hard for you to find in GxTend a simple to install, configure and keep updated application.

9. Which are the minimum system requirements/recommendations for the installation?

We have architectured GxTend having in mind the resources needed to support it, therefore you can expect it to run in your existent infrastructure. For more specific data sign up to access requirements information in the documentation section.

10. Can I distribute GxTend's working load among more than one server?

Yes. GxTend's tiered architecture allows you to have, for instance, the application on one server and the back-end database on another. However we are confident that its lightweight will make such option unnecessary

11. Is there proper documentation?

Along the years our approach towards documentation has changed. Firsts GxTend's versions used to enclose a couple of long and thoroughly detailed manuals containing tons of information and examples, not only this was a heavy burden for the product in terms of costs (both time and money) but reality showed that most people did not read them.
We have now changed our approach and now we work to provide smaller specifics documents along with in-line help inside the product itself.
Yet our biggest efforts are concentrated in providing the most intuitive experience possible.

12. What GeneXus versions are currently supported?

GxTend is able to work with most GeneXus versions:

  • GeneXus Ev.2
  • GeneXus Ev.1
  • GeneXus X
  • GeneXus 9.0
  • GeneXus 8.0
  • GeneXus 7.5

But certainly most important is that we are constantly keeping the product updated and tested with Artech's newest released versions.

13. Does GxTend support GeneXus Consulting's K2BTools?

As a matter of fact it does. Sometime ago one of our clients started using K2BTools patterns set, which allowed us to work around the specifics to properly support its impact in the GeneXus KBs and the development environments.
This was a good test and prove for the ability of GxTend to be adapted when the scenario brings along the use of specific third party plug-ins.

14. Is GxTend interface multi-language and does it support my mother tongue?

Yes, GxTend is multi-language, and its core allows for each of its texts/labels to be set to a specific language set.
Currently the set of supported languages is English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Original texts are set in English and then translated to Spanish and Portuguese.
This is a significant effort and time consuming endeavor, you are welcome to help if you want to bring other language to the currently supported set or if you want to make the current better.

15. How much does it cost?

Our price structure depends on our sales channels and on the different taxation each country imposes, therefore it might vary from one country to another. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can discuss the best cost effective solution to your needs either directly or through our sales channel when available for your country.

16. Can I give the product a try?

Absolutely, we want you to. You will need to sign up to be able to login into GxTend's website from where you can access installation packages and instructions.
And if you feel the experience and the product was worth, please let us know your opinion and ideas so we can keep improving.