Focused on GeneXus

GxTend is built from its very conception with focus on projects & teams that has GeneXus as its main development tool.

Web Based

GxTend has always been a full web product.

Users needs nothing but a web browser to interact with it.

It is architecturally ready to support teams geographically dispersed.

All GeneXus Versions

We know that your company probably have many GeneXus versions in use.

GxTend support all GeneXus versions from 7.5 on-wards.

Versioning and Traceability

Versioning and Traceability

GxTend keeps track of the evolution of the project by storing versions of objects and other related data. It also allows the user to enter traceability data on every change.

Concurrency Control

Concurrency Control

GxTend allows to establish a locking scheme for GeneXus objects, so developers can proceed to lock those objects they plan to modify for an afterwards upload to the server.

Integrated Management

Change Management

Change management operations are integrated in GxTend. There is no need for manual procedures that end up being tedious and error prone.

Ease Specific Tasks

Ease Specific Tasks

GxTend includes productivity tools that allow the user to search, browse and compare GeneXus objects, either between KBs or throughout the history of changes.